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Jurassic Park, The Retreat, Dominican Republic

Enjoy the Dominican Republic and it’s wonderful culture in a way that you will fall in love with.


  We provide a beautiful wild jungle retreat, situated in a protected valley, 150 meters above sea level, to the rear and overlooking the colourful fishing village of Las Terrenas in Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean.

Dotted around the retreat are cozy rustic, well presented private cabins.  Each of which have their own mini kitchens and bathrooms and come with  adult bunk beds and a queen size canopy bed.  Each cabin comes with its own dining area and hammock on the terrace, so you can fully embrace the jungle gardens.

Jurassic Park provides a perfect springboard from which to visit the endless and stunning Caribbean beaches, rivers, waterfalls and national parks. 
Also perfect to embrace the wonderful, eclectic mix of differing cultures living harmoniously together in Las Terrenas.
Experience the diverse restaurants, bars, enjoy the colorful vibrant nightlife and then retreat to the peace and tranquility of the jungle.



 Climate change, rising sea levels, food shortages, civil unrest, currency collapse, migration, pollution, war.

In order for us to avoid the inevitable problems associated with climate change, we decided to remove ourselves from the line of fire so to speak.  We decided to set up a safer place, big enough to be able to give our friends and families a bolt hole in paradise if needed.

We chose a place that we feel is likely to survive the inevitable unrest we expect over the next 10 years or so, whilst we await the rest of our species to adapt to our planet bound responsibilities of protecting our planet.

 We practice plant based diets, hydroponic and permaculture food production, recycling, net carbon positive, energy independence, sustainable building, water independence, sustainable purchases, energy conservation and much more .....

The Retreat is designed to both attract and educate guests interested in this way of life.  It also gives a taste of what it is like to live sustainably and for a select few, an opportunity to join our small community to also safeguard them and theirs. 

After 10 years of freedom, We’ve learned that this experience is not for everyone. We’re perfect for:

  • Nature lovers.
  • Families
  • Adventurers
  • Escaping all inclusive type tourism.
  • Plant based or vegan curious travelers
  • Those open minded and curious.

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