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Meacock & Oyo-Meacock Enterprises Presents

Jurassic Park Dom

A Research and Developement Facility

We test everything off grid for sustainability and independance

Business Incubator

If you are interested in  ecological and off grid independance then give us a call

Problem Solvers

We love solving problems related to independant living.  From power to food production

Client Support

Over the year we have helped many families and friends gain their own off grid independance.



Experiance freedom

We have a beautiful place and like to share it with like minded people.   Experiance the Jungle life in paradise.  Visit the Retreat website and book some time with us.



Power and control

We created Neodome for our communities.  Ever seen the movie Atlas Shrugged?  Well this is our version.  Visit the Neodome website if you want one.



Escape to a better life

Give up the rat race and surround yourself with like minded people, live in a ridiculously beautiful place with the perfect climate and positive culture. Visit our Communities website.

Our Story

We are of British decent and escaped England some 10 years ago.  We sought freedom and independance from our 1st world life especially for our children.  We dreampt of Jurassic Park and then we found it.  Living a very varied life this prepared us for the wide spectrum of skills needed to acheive a largely self suficient life.  It has placed us in a unique position of helping other to do the same.

  • Strategy 90%
  • Marketing 35%
  • Loyalty 70%
  • Happiness 82%
  • Energy 60%
Helen Patricia Oyo-Meacock

Helen Patricia Oyo-Meacock

CFO and Vice President

An early riser sometimes before 4am Helena gets most of her planning done before we all wake up.  A major asset to the company .

Dominic Alexander Meacock

Dominic Alexander Meacock


A profound ability to zoom in and out of problems and issues.  A natural leader and the perfect choice to lead JP.